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A trademark can be almost anything; a word, phrase, symbol, design, smell, sound, color, many other things or a combination of these things that identifies goods or services or a combination of these things that identifies goods or services. It’s how customers recognize that product or service in the marketplace and distinguish it from other competitors’ products .

A trademark:

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The trademark is a part of the goods or services to brand it; you do not own the words or trademark used apart from those goods or services.
Trademarks are examined and have Office Actions which require response. After those issues have been overcome, the trademark can register. The are renewals and fees required to maintain the trademark. So long as those conditions are met, the trademark remains registered and in force.

The US registered trademark is only for the US. The TM symbol may be used while the application is pending or for your common law mark. The SM symbol is for services. Only after the trademark registers in the US can you us the ® symbol by your trademark. Trademarks in other countries may be obtained with our services.

There are common law trademarks too but they have other concerns to enforce them against others. They only apply to your geographic area where the goods are sold. More issues arise with global sales and similar marks from others for knockoff goods or counterfeit goods in both the US and globally.
Some of the issues prior to filingyour application are: search the trademark with the goods and services you intend to use; then try to select a strong mark (more than descriptive) to make it easier to obtain the mark; select all the classes your need for your products; assignments to an entity; and others.

There are many issues that can impact having a successful mark. During examination the most often issues raised are:

A trademark attorney can be helpful to successfully register your mark. This site shows the overall process: https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/basics