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Attorney Kimble can guide you through the patent process

Patents are essential for any business to create value and minimize the risk of losing any legal battle that may occur regarding its products or services. Technology Law, PLLC can help you minimize these headaches.

Attorney Kimble's experience and knowledge can help you file the patents you need to protect your company. With our assistance, you can bring your idea to life and put your name on it .

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We can help you with any type of patent

There is an endless number of product ideas out there, each one needing a different patent. Turn to attorney Kimble to assist you with:

  • Chemical patents
  • Pharmaceutical patents
  • Design patents
  • Mechanical patents
  • Electronic / software patents

Ensure proper protection for your idea with a patent. Speak with the professionals at Technology Law, PLLC to schedule a time to discuss your patent needs.